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"mini" high voltage cable for x-ray, 5.65m l3w ca1 to ca11, by claymount 13025.

  • Brockport, New York, United States
  • Nov 18th
Sunnking ships with UPS and USPS and we utilize eBay's Global Shipping Program for buyers from participating countries. Please note that international shipping is expensive and buyers are responsible for COD brokerage fees, import taxes, and other applicable fees. All items are guaranteed as described and any issues should be addressed through the eBay message system under the "contact seller" hyperlink.
Advanced Ultrasound Machine - ACUSON Aspen (118373)

Advanced ultrasound machine - acuson aspen (118373)

  • Elkin, North Carolina, United States
  • Nov 18th
If you want the item crated, the total crating, packing, and handling fee will come to $295. We can use a shipper of your choice or assist in finding one for you. Please provide us with your name, company name, address, and contact phone number for all orders.
6 Techno-Aide and GE X-Ray Viewboxes Bundle with Warranty - How Lovely!

6 techno-aide and ge x-ray viewboxes bundle with warranty - how lovely!

  • Tucker, Georgia, United States
  • Nov 10th
It is essential for businesses to stay informed and stay ahead of the curve on new advances and potential disruptors. By keeping up-to-date on emerging technologies, companies can take advantage of opportunities before competitors do. This can be done through attending industry events, engaging with peers, and utilizing online resources.
Skintel by Palomar Icon

Skintel by palomar icon

  • Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
  • Nov 7th
Apex Medical Lasers is a cutting-edge company specializing in aesthetic lasers, catering to all your laser-related requirements. Our team comprises skilled, certified laser technicians and knowledgeable sales personnel dedicated to providing unparalleled service. For more information, kindly get in touch with us via email.
Toshiba Ultrasound PSF-37HT
Toshiba Ultrasound UZFS002A
Toshiba Ultrasound PLF-703NT
Toshiba Ultrasound PFV-375MT
Toshiba Ultrasound PFV-621VT

1. Toshiba PSF-37HT Ultrasound Machine
2. Toshiba UZFS002A Ultrasound Device
3. Toshiba PLF-703NT Ultrasound System
4. Toshiba PFV-375MT Ultrasound Equipment
5. Toshiba PFV-621VT Ultrasound Scanner

Toshiba ultrasound psf-37ht toshiba ultrasound uzfs002a toshiba ultrasound plf-703nt toshiba ultrasound pfv-375mt toshiba ultrasound pfv-621vt rewrite: 1. toshiba psf-37ht ultrasound machine 2. toshiba uzfs002a ultrasound device 3. toshiba plf-703nt ultrasound system 4. toshiba pfv-375mt ultrasound equipment 5. toshiba pfv-621vt ultrasound scanner

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • Nov 5th
Remember, if you have any specific questions, it's important that you ask. It is your responsibility to check and replace any necessary batteries for items that require them. IMPORTANT: Please note that all items sold should be mechanically and technically inspected or serviced by a certified technician.
Ultrasound Transducer/Probe: ACUSON 4V1 (122717)

Ultrasound transducer/probe: acuson 4v1 (122717)

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
  • Nov 3rd
Please note that this item may be regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. The unit is in the possession of tekyard medical and has been thoroughly inspected.
GE Vivid and Logiq 7S-RS ultrasonic transducer

Ge vivid and logiq 7s-rs ultrasonic transducer

  • Corona, California, United States
  • Oct 30th
GE Vivid and Logiq 7S-RS ultrasound probe offers a remarkable 90-day warranty and effortless return process that has been thoroughly tested and validated.
Adjustable Wall Cassette Grid Holder for X-ray Imaging - S&S 1989 Model (130a-131-132)

Adjustable wall cassette grid holder for x-ray imaging - s&s 1989 model (130a-131-132)

  • Albany, Wisconsin, United States
  • Oct 28th
The 1989 S&S X-ray Prod. wall Cassette Grid Holder Adjustable, model 130a-131-132, is a durable and versatile product. This adjustable grid holder was manufactured by S&S X-ray Prod.
Perfecta with NEW Dye Kit 2006 by Candela.

Perfecta with new dye kit 2006 by candela.

  • Hialeah, Florida, United States
  • Oct 26th
It comes with a new dye kit and has several accessories such as a perfecta handpiece, fiber pole, and handpiece distance gauge attachments of varying sizes including 3mm, 3x10mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 7mm PL (Pigmented Lesion). The 2006 Candela VBeam Perfecta pulsing at 595nm is a well-maintained piece of equipment with excellent working and cosmetic features (only two paint scratches on the right side). For your patients, there's patient eyewear.
8659 Ultrasound Transducer with Warranty - B&K Ultrasound Probe

8659 ultrasound transducer with warranty - b&k ultrasound probe

  • Tucker, Georgia, United States
  • Oct 25th
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Electrophoresis Autoradiography Cassette (FBXC 810) by Fisher Biotech

Electrophoresis autoradiography cassette (fbxc 810) by fisher biotech

  • Bosque Farms, New Mexico, United States
  • Oct 24th
Shipping charges apply and payment can be made through multiple forms including PayPal. Please bid responsibly and read the full description before placing your bid. No guarantees or warranties are offered unless explicitly stated.
MRI Beryllium Brass Tool Set

Mri beryllium brass tool set

  • Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States
  • Jun 25th
These tools are highly reliable and can handle a variety of tasks, making them a fantastic addition to any toolbox. This set includes a Phillips screwdriver with a distinctive red handle, along with a needle nose with the same red handle, both of which have been gently used but remain functional. The remaining tools in the set are brand new and have not been used at all.
Lot of 7 Clear+Brilliant Tips 2011 for Solta Clear+Brilliant

Lot of 7 clear+brilliant tips 2011 for solta clear+brilliant

  • Park City UT, United States
  • Jun 23rd
This auction is for a package of Solta Clear + Brilliant Tips consisting of 7 CB-Tip 2011 Clear+Brilliant models. More information can be found on the seller's website. Food and Drug Administration and other governing bodies.
Navitar X-Ray Illuminator View Box (16 x 6 1/2 inches)

Navitar x-ray illuminator view box (16 x 6 1/2 inches)

  • Bosque Farms, New Mexico, United States
  • Jun 23rd
This auction features a NAVITAR X-RAY VIEW BOX / ILLUMINATOR in the size of 16 X 6 1/2". Shipping and payment terms apply, so please contact us for accurate shipping charges and we accept most forms of payment including PayPal. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies.
Uncoated 27' Wedge UFBF by TechnoAide

Uncoated 27' wedge ufbf by technoaide

  • Aurora, Ohio, United States
  • Jun 22nd
If you are not an authorized purchaser, do not bid on this item. The seller will verify your status as an authorized purchaser before shipment. This product has been cleaned and handled according to the manufacturer's instructions.
The video laryngoscope called McGrath Series 5.

The video laryngoscope called mcgrath series 5.

  • Canton, China
  • Jun 22nd
The McGRATHВ® Series 5 is the first of its kind and is designed to manage difficult airways. It features a variable length blade that can support patients of all sizes, from children to large adults. Don't miss the opportunity to purchase this innovative piece of equipment.
Curved Array Ultrasound Transducer Probe by Siemens 3.5C40H

Curved array ultrasound transducer probe by siemens 3.5c40h

  • Jackson, Mississippi, United States
  • Jun 22nd
Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. However, it is important to be aware of the necessary regulations. If you have any questions, feel free to message us and we will respond promptly.
Six boxes of 2012 Therma Cool Thermage ThermaCool Coupling Fluid TF-2, containing sixty 60ml bottles.

Six boxes of 2012 therma cool thermage thermacool coupling fluid tf-2, containing sixty 60ml bottles.

  • Park City UT, United States
  • Jun 22nd
CS Medical is the seller of this product, which may be regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. To purchase this item, you must be an authorized purchaser, and if it's subject to FDA regulation, your status will be verified before shipping.
Needle Guide for Acuson V4 Ultrasound Probe

Needle guide for acuson v4 ultrasound probe

  • bnei brak, default, Israel
  • Jun 19th
This probe offers exceptional visibility and accuracy, ensuring successful outcomes. The Acuson V4 ultrasound probe comes with a needle guide attachment that is designed to assist in precise needle placement during procedures. Should you require more information or have any concerns, my services are available to assist you.

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