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Gen 4 Display for John Deere 4240

Gen 4 display for john deere 4240

  • Tintah, Minnesota, United States
  • Sep 3rd
Its advanced GPS and mapping capabilities allow you to pinpoint your location with pinpoint accuracy, providing you a comprehensive understanding of your land. The Gen 4 Display also supports a range of apps and technologies geared towards optimizing your yield and productivity. Explore the capabilities of the John Deere 4240 Gen 4 Display today and take your farming to the next level!
Controller II Nav by Trimble

Controller ii nav by trimble

  • Gridley, California, United States
  • Sep 2nd
The Trimble Nav II Controller is an exceptional tool for your needs. Please note that the accompanying image may not be a generic one. This controller is in great working order and is available for purchase.
CNH Mini Hopper Kits by Precision Planting vSet Classic

Cnh mini hopper kits by precision planting vset classic

  • Aberdeen, South Dakota, United States
  • Sep 2nd
This is a high-quality and effective product that can help you achieve optimal results in your planting process. With Precision Planting vSet Classic CNH Mini Hopper Kits, you can have confidence in the performance of your planter and ensure that your crops are planted with precision and accuracy. Trust this product to deliver the results you need for a successful harvest season.
AgLeader GPS 1000+ Receiver

Agleader gps 1000+ receiver

  • Syracuse, Indiana, United States
  • Sep 1st
This advanced receiver is delivered conveniently through UPS ground shipping, available within the 48 states. AgLeader GPS 1000 Plus Receiver is a reliable and efficient product that can significantly improve your GPS navigation system. Please note that a physical address is required for seamless delivery.
GPS Receiver SF1, SF3 Activations in John Deere's GreenStar StarFire 6000

Gps receiver sf1, sf3 activations in john deere's greenstar starfire 6000

  • New York, Staten Island, United States
  • Aug 30th
It has been thoroughly tested and performs exceptionally well. This article highlights the John Deere GreenStar StarFire 6000 GPS Receiver with SF1 SF3 Activations. This is a private sale, so please ask any questions before placing a bid as returns are not accepted.
Ag Leader InCommand 1200 Kit - Includes 12

Ag leader incommand 1200 kit - includes 12" screen and wiring harness

  • Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  • Aug 28th
Ag Leader InCommand 1200 is now available with a new 12" screen and a screen wiring harness included. We assure you a hassle-free experience with fast UPS shipping to the USA. Delivery to most US destinations takes 3-6 days.
CommandCenter GS4 Display with 10.4 Inch Deere Brand

Commandcenter gs4 display with 10.4 inch deere brand

  • Baldwin, Illinois, United States
  • Aug 27th
It can be used with the CommandCenter 4600 processor on any Deere tractor and equipment. Please note that eBay will collect sales tax unless you register your sales tax exemption prior to purchasing this item. Its overall condition is good with no noticeable damage or scratches.
NAV-900 Cable 118084 for Trimble GX450

Nav-900 cable 118084 for trimble gx450

  • Saint Edward, Nebraska, United States
  • Aug 26th
It is an excellent investment for fieldwork applications, ensuring data transmission accuracy. The Trimble GX450 to NAV-900 Cable with product code 118084 is a valuable addition to your equipment. Priced at $235, this cable allows for seamless communication between the Trimble GX450 and NAV-900.
Ag Leader SPX Bulkhead Tee Cable (1.5 FT) - Part Number: 4001102-2

Ag leader spx bulkhead tee cable (1.5 ft) - part number: 4001102-2

  • York, Nebraska, United States
  • Aug 10th
This product can be conveniently shipped to your location via USPS Priority Mail. Ag Leader has released a new product, the Cable SPX Bulkhead Tee (1.5 FT) with the part number 4001102-2.
S3 GPS Land Surveyor Precision GNSS Receiver Area Distance Measurer

S3 gps land surveyor precision gnss receiver area distance measurer

  • Shenzhen, China
  • Aug 9th
The S3 GPS Land Surveying Machine is equipped with a state-of-the-art GNSS receiver, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in determining geographic positions. This receiver utilizes advanced satellite navigation systems to provide reliable and precise location information, making it a valuable tool for land surveyors. By leveraging the power of GNSS technology, the S3 GPS Land Surveying Machine guarantees accurate and reliable data for all surveying tasks.
John Deere Greenstar StarFire 3000 Receiver Enhanced Shroud

John deere greenstar starfire 3000 receiver enhanced shroud

  • Papillion, Nebraska, United States
  • Aug 8th
Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to send a message. It is a high-quality unit that is ready for immediate use. The John Deere Greenstar StarFire 3000 SF1 SF2 RTK Activation Receiver Deluxe Shroud is a pre-owned receiver that comes with SF1 SF2 and RTK activations/unlocks.
Tee Switch for Implement with 2 Inputs - Part Number 4001391-1 by Ag Leader.

Tee switch for implement with 2 inputs - part number 4001391-1 by ag leader.

  • York, Nebraska, United States
  • Aug 4th
This switch tee offers a fast and reliable solution for your switching needs. Get your hands on the Ag Leader Implement Switch Tee today to experience uninterrupted operation without any delays. With its high-quality build, this switch tee ensures that you can depend on it for extended periods without any hassle.
The product's name is already clear and concise. However, here is a possible rephrased version: 

The John Deere Greenstar StarFire 3000 equipped with the SF1, SF2, and RTK signal receiver, which operates on a frequency of 869 mhz.

The product's name is already clear and concise. however, here is a possible rephrased version: the john deere greenstar starfire 3000 equipped with the sf1, sf2, and rtk signal receiver, which operates on a frequency of 869 mhz.

  • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, United States
  • Aug 3rd
This unit was obtained from a storage unit auction, so limited information is available about its history beyond essential details. The John Deere Greenstar StarFire 3000 boasts SF1, SF2, and RTK Signal Receiver with 869 mhz. The crack has not impacted the device's performance in any way.
John Deere StarFire 6000 GPS Receiver with SF1 Activation

John deere starfire 6000 gps receiver with sf1 activation

  • Blaine, MN, United States
  • Aug 3rd
This receiver is fully compatible with John Deere GreenStar displays. If you have any inquiries, feel free to message us. Remarkably, the receiver has only been used for 219.5 hours, making it almost equivalent to a brand new unit.
CLAAS Outback S - Lite Console

Claas outback s - lite console

  • Vinnitsa, Ukraine
  • Jul 30th
GuidanceВ® product line. It combines the simplicity of the market-proven Outback Sв„ў with the cutting-edge Hemisphere CrescentВ® GPS receiver technology. This potent combination will serve as a foundation for future upgrades and additions.
New EU Certified Trimble TM-200 GPS System Module (95060-00 CLS00839)

New eu certified trimble tm-200 gps system module (95060-00 cls00839)

  • Tonganoxie, Kansas, United States
  • Jul 28th
It is accompanied by the required EU certification sheets for usage outside the country. We appreciate your interest in our listings and encourage you to explore our store for additional noteworthy offers. This week, we have a brand new Trimble TM-200 GPS system module with part number 95060-00.
AutoBoom UltraGlide's RAVEN Precision Control Node (063-0130-013) for CAN.

Autoboom ultraglide's raven precision control node (063-0130-013) for can.

  • Gilbert, Iowa, United States
  • Jul 26th
You can enjoy quality, expedited shipping after payment. This product, with part number 063-0130-013, is now available for purchase in new condition without a box. Upgrade your Autoboom Ultraglide experience with the Raven Precision CAN Control Node at an affordable cost.
Trimble AG15 Antenna Upgrade Kit for Case IH

Trimble ag15 antenna upgrade kit for case ih

  • Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Jul 23rd
The Trimble AG15 antenna boasts exceptional signal reception, ensuring accurate positioning data. This reliability allows for precise tracking, planting, and harvesting, ultimately leading to improved yield and optimized resource utilization. Additionally, the AG15 antenna provides unparalleled coverage and minimizes signal loss, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in even the most challenging terrain.
Trimble AGgps 332 RTK with Sitenet900 wireless connectivity

Trimble aggps 332 rtk with sitenet900 wireless connectivity

  • Callender, Iowa, United States
  • Jul 21st
This powerful GPS unit, which has RTK and Omni capabilities, comes with a coax Globe and various useful cables such as the data power cable. It also includes the Sitenet900 RTK Radio, which operates at a frequency of 900mhz. The Trimble AGgps 332 RTK is equipped with the Sitenet900 radio.
Trimble AgGPS NavController III with Color Display and Trimble AG-372 for Case Ih

Trimble aggps navcontroller iii with color display and trimble ag-372 for case ih

  • OLT, Romania
  • Jul 14th
The Trimble AgGPS NavController III and Trimble AG-372, along with the color display fred ii Case Ih, offer a powerful solution for automated steering in agricultural vehicles. With one-inch repeatability, this system allows for efficient and accurate completion of field applications. By eliminating the need for manual steering, operator fatigue is reduced, enhancing safety on the job.

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