Phasemeters and phase converters for electrical systems.

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The AD20-S Heavy Duty CNC Rotary Phase Converter with Digital Controls, Made in the USA - 20 Horsepower.

The ad20-s heavy duty cnc rotary phase converter with digital controls, made in the usa - 20 horsepower.

  • Louisburg, Kansas, United States
  • Nov 28th
This SMART Series Phase Converter is suitable for loads of up to 10HP, especially resistive and computer loads, such as CNC, VFD, EDM, and battery chargers. It is also capable of single motor start and total motor run, making it the ideal fit for a shop that requires up to 30HP. The AD20-S Rotary Phase Converter is a heavy-duty, 20 HP machine made in the USA with digital controls that are perfect for CNC and other voltage-sensitive equipment.
TEMCo Model 6000-44KW Phase Converter, rated at 60 horsepower.

Temco model 6000-44kw phase converter, rated at 60 horsepower.

  • Pea Ridge, Arkansas, United States
  • Nov 23rd
This highly regarded product is accompanied by a superior Baldor motor, adding to its impressive performance. The TEMCo Model 6000-44KW Phase converter boasts 60HP, making for a powerful and reliable addition to any electrical system. Upon inspection by a trained electrician, it was reported to be in proper working order.
FUJI TRANSISTOR: Innovative 6DI150A-060 A50L-0001-0209

Fuji transistor: innovative 6di150a-060 a50l-0001-0209

  • default, default, Hong Kong
  • Nov 21st
The 6DI150A-060 A50L-0001-0209 for FUJI TRANSISTOR has features that make it stand out. It is designed to meet the needs of the modern-day consumer. Its capabilities and specifications are simply unmatched.
Phase Converter Pro

Phase converter pro

  • Mooresville, North Carolina, United States
  • Nov 18th
Please note that the estimated weight of the item is approximately 300 lbs. It can be conveniently collected in person or shipped according to your specified directives. Rotary Phase Converter: Excellent Operational State.
Rotary R-10 Phase Converter with 10 HP and input voltage of 208-240V.

Rotary r-10 phase converter with 10 hp and input voltage of 208-240v.

  • Hixson, Tennessee, United States
  • Nov 16th
This phase converter has an input voltage of 208-240 and an output voltage of 208-240. It has an input phase AC of 1, 3 and an input of 60 Amps, allowing it to handle multiple motor HP range of 10-30. The R-10 Phase Converter has a depth of 16 inches, a width of 16 inches, and a height of 16 inches.
Used controller: 1 piece of Omron TPM1A-40CDR-A-V1 PLC

Used controller: 1 piece of omron tpm1a-40cdr-a-v1 plc

  • default, default, Hong Kong
  • Nov 15th
Get your hands on this used Omron controller today to experience its exceptional performance and efficiency. With its advanced capabilities, this controller can optimize the performance of your machines and processes. This Omron PLC is reliable and can efficiently communicate with other devices in your automation system.
Industria Original A+ LCD EW50379FDW Equipment

Industria original a+ lcd ew50379fdw equipment

  • default, default, Hong Kong
  • Nov 15th
Get ready to witness a transformation in your industrial operations with this remarkable LCD. The BCES50700147AG 20-20314-2 Original A+ LCD EW50379FDW guarantees a seamless user experience, allowing users to maximize their productivity. The BCES50700147AG 20-20314-2 Original A+ LCD EW50379FDW is top-notch equipment available for the industrial sector.
60-day warranty for the FANUC A76L-0300-0193 module

60-day warranty for the fanuc a76l-0300-0193 module

  • default, default, Hong Kong
  • Nov 14th
With the FANUC A76L-0300-0193 module, you can have confidence in your equipment and focus on delivering superior results. Trust in its quality and durability to improve your operations and maximize productivity. The FANUC A76L-0300-0193 module comes with a 60-day warranty for maximum peace of mind.
1 used temperature control product named SHINKO PCD-33A-S/M.

1 used temperature control product named shinko pcd-33a-s/m.

  • default, default, Hong Kong
  • Nov 4th
This SHINKO PCD-33A-S/M can be a great addition to your inventory, and can help you achieve your desired output. The SHINKO PCD-33A-S/M temperature control device has been pre-owned and is currently available for purchase. This device is designed to regulate the temperature of a specific environment or equipment.
AD 30 Rotary Phase Converter

Ad 30 rotary phase converter

  • Hamburg, New York, United States
  • Oct 30th
The American Rotary AD 30 phase converter is a reliable option for those in need of a phase converter. This unit, available in very good condition, is capable of handling a 15 hp motor. The cost of a new unit is $1724.00.
Shipping #1011 TOSHIBA LTA085C180F - Brand New 8.5-inch LCD Display Screen Panel with 60-Day Free Shipping.

Shipping #1011 toshiba lta085c180f - brand new 8.5-inch lcd display screen panel with 60-day free shipping.

  • default, default, Hong Kong
  • Oct 23rd
TOSHIBA LTA085C180F is a recently launched 8.5-inch LCD display screen panel, which is now available for shipping with the product code #1011. This new product offers top-quality and high performance to all its customers. It also includes a variety of features that meet all your demands and needs.
Model 80 Ronk Phase Shifter

Model 80 ronk phase shifter

  • McHenry, Illinois, United States
  • Oct 21st
It offers improved results for converting phases, making it a valuable addition to any setup. The Ronk Phase Shifter Model 80 is a type 2 ps-mt unit that functions flawlessly.


  • Flagstaff, Arizona, United States
  • Jun 23rd
It would only be utilized when additional power was required for the tools. If you are interested in purchasing this item, kindly note that it is currently located in northern Arizona. Please make arrangements for pick up accordingly.
MIP329FL-Q3 Power Board For APEX LD3288T and SCEPTRE X322BV-HD

Mip329fl-q3 power board for apex ld3288t and sceptre x322bv-hd

  • Shanghai, China
  • Jun 9th
As a buyer, it is important to note that payment should be settled within 7 days after purchase and is only accepted through PayPal. Our team takes pride in offering reasonably-priced, top-notch products and strives to make transactions hassle-free. For inquiries, please reach us through eBay messaging or email.
TEFC Industrial Grade Rotary Phase Converter with Voltage Display - PC10NLV - 10HP

Tefc industrial grade rotary phase converter with voltage display - pc10nlv - 10hp

  • Columbus, Indiana, United States
  • Jun 9th
The Phoenix Phase Converter Control Panel - PC10NLV is an industrial-grade, TEFC phase converter built with heavy gauge aluminum that is sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Our phase converter panel is made with oversized components and wire to provide a durable and long-lasting product that is unmatched on the market today.
VFD-M Series: New Delta Frequency Inverter - VFD004M21A-A

Vfd-m series: new delta frequency inverter - vfd004m21a-a

  • hongkong , Hong Kong
  • Jun 9th
We strive to ship your item on the same day or within 1-2 business days after receiving your payment. Delivery times may vary depending on your location, customs procedures, and peak periods. Buyers are responsible for customs duties imposed by their country.
Omron 3G3PV-B4220-E Frequency Inverter

Omron 3g3pv-b4220-e frequency inverter

  • N?rresundby, Denmark
  • Jun 9th
For shipping, we have partnered with DSV to handle worldwide delivery. Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a tracking number to monitor the progress of your order. Take advantage of our combined shipping option for maximum savings.
Industrial LCD Panel (Model: PD040QT2-LF) with a Warranty Period of 60 Days.

Industrial lcd panel (model: pd040qt2-lf) with a warranty period of 60 days.

  • default, default, Hong Kong
  • Jun 9th
International customers are also able to purchase, however an additional shipping fee applies depending on the location. Custom duties may also apply which the buyer will be responsible for. Investing in a PD040QT2(LF) industrial LCD panel is a smart choice for those in need of high-quality display.
Servo Motor, 5.0kw, 116v, A06B0275B000 - Pre-owned FANUC

Servo motor, 5.0kw, 116v, a06b0275b000 - pre-owned fanuc

  • Seoul, Korea, South
  • Jun 2nd
If you need to return the item for any reason, please send it back to us within 14 days of receiving it. The motor has been previously used, but is fully tested and in good condition. Leaving us feedback with five stars is highly appreciated, and please contact us first before leaving any neutral or negative feedback.

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